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JRC PWK Carb Instructions

Download JRC Carb Tuning PDF

JRC Superior carburetors are pre-jetted if the application is specified upon ordering. If no application was given the carbs are supplied with the factory jetting specs. Jetting is done for the stock motorcycle not taking into account any modifications that your bike may have. If you tell us that your bike have open pipes we can adjust the specs accordingly.

The following is a guide for tuning JRC Superior PWK carburetors. Perform jetting in the order given below.

  1. Correct Float Level

The correct float height for the PWK 28-34mm range is 19mm. This is usually best undertaken with the carb off the bike and upside down. Use care when removing the float chamber. Measure float height from the bottom of the float to the float chamber gasket surface. When checking the 





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