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Heidenau Trials Tires

Just in, new Trials tires in traditional sizes. Heidenau trials tires, made in Germany to a very high standard. 4.00x18 and 3.25x19, very hard to find- until now. Check with your better British motorcycle dealer nationwide.
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Trispark for 3 Cylinder

The new Tri-spark ignition for Tridents and BSA Rocket 3 is fully contained under the points cover! This is the easiest to install. Tri-Spark¬†ignitions fire each 12v coil individually for a more concise idle and better throttle response. In addition this is the only ignition for the E-start T160 that allows the bike to start…
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Desert Sled Parts Coming Soon!

We are moving quickly forward on our Desert Sled components! We have these sample Superior copy pipes as supplied in the late 40's through mid 1950's. These were really designed for Rigid Triumph but my long suffering 1954 T110 Tiger desert sled is what I had to fit them to. Pictures soon of them on…
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IMI Components

Bottom picture is taken at IMI Components in 1968. IMI was the parent company of Amal Carburetors and that wonderful machine was the Rube-Goldberg contraption that machined every single Amal concentric ever supplied on a British motorcycle as standard! I had the honor of watching it in action, all 502 solenoids merrily clicking away! When…
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Clark Tribute Bike pt. 3

The Clarke tribute bike is progressing. It was very difficult to dismantle, everything was rusted solid. This spot on the frame is especially bad.
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RIP Cliff Mahjors

Sad news to report, The Sandy Bandit has passed away. Cliff Mahjors was an icon in the industry, famous for his horde of British motorcycles and parts and equally famous for his tirades on gold and silver and monetary policy. I was once cornered in his shop and "educated" about the value of paper money.…
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JRC Facebook Photo Competition

With over 200 entries, the results of the JRC Facebook Photo Competition are in!   And now, with a whopping 281 votes! The winner of JRC's Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle competition is... ALP SUNGURTEKIN With his 1950 Triumph Thunderbird in race trim with the original ironhead. It currently holds the AMA 650cc M-VG (Modified-Vintage…
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Clark Tribute Bike pt. 2

So here is the start of the Clarke tribute bike folks. I will post photos as things progress. I bought this carcass from British Motorbikes in Burbank before they closed. The bottom end of the engine was an Ebay purchase for $150. The cylinder came from the Stafford autojumble in the UK in 2007. The…
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Clark Tribute Bike pt. 1

I have started my latest project. I was intrigued by the photo of Freddie Clarke's Speed Twin racer from 1939 and thought it might be fun to build a tribute bike. Seems strange to build a bike around a pair of silencers but years ago we had a batch of Brookland Cans made and they…
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Cub #9

I had the good fortune to find 3 Triumph Cub 200 cc bikes at an estate sale in Huntington Beach, thanks to my lifelong friend Jeff. The 64 Mountain Cub was the best of the lot and with a bit of effort even tuns over and shifts. Seems the big end is gone though, who…
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Central Coast Classic Motorcycle Show

Who's going to the Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet in San Luis Obispo, October 8th-10th? We'll be there! Click the link for more information. http://www.centralcoastclassicmc.com/UpcommingEvents.html
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Triumph 4 Transport?

Anyone else riding a triumph for regular transport? I have been using my 1970 Triumph with 1979 T140 motor for my regular commuter. Observations on doing this, the old Triumph is more fun than my new one, gets better gas mileage than my new one (47 MPG), Uses cheaper tires and they last longer, uses…
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