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Recent Posts by Nick Willcutt

Heidenau Trials Tires

Just in, new Trials tires in traditional sizes. Heidenau trials tires, made in Germany to a very high standard. 4.00x18 and 3.25x19, very hard to find- until now. Check with your better British motorcycle dealer nationwide.
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Trispark for 3 Cylinder

The new Tri-spark ignition for Tridents and BSA Rocket 3 is fully contained under the points cover! This is the easiest to install. Tri-Spark¬†ignitions fire each 12v coil individually for a more concise idle and better throttle response. In addition this is the only ignition for the E-start T160 that allows the bike to start…
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Desert Sled Parts Coming Soon!

We are moving quickly forward on our Desert Sled components! We have these sample Superior copy pipes as supplied in the late 40's through mid 1950's. These were really designed for Rigid Triumph but my long suffering 1954 T110 Tiger desert sled is what I had to fit them to. Pictures soon of them on…
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